Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting To Know Me

After looking through a couple of blogs over the weekend (because I'm still getting used to what makes a blog interesting), I decided I need to add some pictures to mine to spice it up a bit.  I don't have any mind blowing revelations about running my small business today, but it occurred to me that my readers, if I can get some, might want to know a little more about me.  The picture you see above is me a few years ago in St. Louis.  I had just bought the hat at a second hand shop.  As a birthday present, I took my husband on a trip over a long weekend as I was still teaching at the time.  Hats were really coming back in style and we just happened to find that one.  I had never enjoyed wearing hats until I tried that one on.  In my early 20s, I was really self conscious about being cautiously fashionable.  I would wear cute stylish clothes, but not take many risks.  I personally think a hat is a fashion statement all on its own.  People notice a person in a hat and I didn't want to be noticed THAT much in my early 20s.  But enough about the's more about me.

I grew up in what could only be described as a modest house with my parents, brother, and sister.  I shared a room with my older sister until she went to college.  We are less than two years apart in age so it wasn't long that I got my own room before I graduated high school and got a new roommate.  I always enjoyed sharing a room with my sister because I felt closer to her even though we had different groups of friends as we got older.  I don't really understand the mentality that every child should have their own room.  The relationship you have with your siblings should be treasured and you are only young once.  I felt a kinship with my sister because we shared a room.  I kind of felt lonely in my big empty room once she moved out.  I missed the times neither of us could sleep and we stayed up late talking about nothing.  I even missed our messes.

My older brother (yep, I'm the baby), always seemed to take care of his baby sister.  Some of my best memories with him are staying up late watching Saturday Night Live in his room.    He would park on his day bed and I would bring a blanket and pillow to hole up on the floor.  He had a tv in his room AND the original Nintendo so it was always a fun place to be.  Even though he is five years older than me, I was always welcome in his room especially when my sister was on my nerves (we didn't ALWAYS get along).  I don't remember when he got an aquarium, but he had a fish tank for years.  His room always had that fishy aquarium smell, but watching them swim was always fun.  It got more interesting when he bought a box turtle in high school.  Tubs are great for turtles to move around, but the turtle poo in the bathtub was always gross to clean up.  (Did you know turtles LOVE tomatoes?  They totally do.)  He's a boy and boys don't always clean up after themselves.  But he is my brother, and he always had a soft spot for his baby sister so I tried not to complain about it too much.

My parents divorced when I was nine years old.  I remember the day they told us about the divorce, but I'm not sure I understood how much it would change our lives.  The modest house was sold eventually, and we moved into a three bedroom townhouse with our mother in a different county.  My dad went to live with his mother and father.  I had a hard time adjusting to not seeing my dad everyday, but I loved getting to see my Nana and Papa more often.  Looking back, I know the divorce was necessary because both of my parents were unhappy.  My dad remarried in 1991 and my mom has remained single and fabulous.  It has taken some time, but I'm pleased to say that we are now able to have a family Christmas that includes everyone.  To be able to say that makes me smile.  Time may not heal all wounds, but it will ease the pain.

Four paragraphs into my "Getting To Know Me" blog, I think there will need to be extra chapters.  Stay tuned to chapter 2!

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