Friday, January 14, 2011

A Year In Shows

If you read my "About Me" section, you'll discover that up until last year I was a special education teacher.  I have all sorts of stories to tell about that part of my life, but I'll save those for when I get some more readers.  When you are a teacher, your entire life revolves around the school year.  When is winter break?  How long until state testing?  When is spring break?  How long until summer break?  And of course, the SNOW DAYS are always a fantastic surprise.  I've basically spent my entire life functioning on a school schedule, be it elementary school or in the "real world."

Now that I've started this new venture, AmandaMade, my life is scheduled around shows.  For those of us in the business world without a brick and mortar store, shows are the best way to get our product in front of someone in hopes of either making a sale or making a contact.  I threw myself into them in June of 2010 and immediately got addicted.  I LOVE looking for the next one, getting my product out there, and talking to the public.  It is a completely different kind of life than I was living.

I started looking at my schedule yesterday and making a wishlist of shows I would like to enter for the year 2011.  I got to thinking about the way my world functions now.  It doesn't revolve around state testing, breaks, or meetings anymore.  It is literally all about me!  I am the boss and I decide where I'll be when.  I am the decision maker and determine my own success or failure.  It's a frightening, overwhelming feeling at times, but I don't think I'd have it any other way right now.

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