Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Shoot Fail

Last Friday I started working with dried pressed flowers and resin to create some truly unique looking pendants for my creations.  As I finished up four gorgeous pendants, I grabbed my camera before the natural light disappeared for the day.  (I love to shoot my pictures in natural light because it's just easier and I'm definitely not meant to be a photographer.)  I pressed the power button, only to discover that my camera battery was dead.  There would be no pictures taken that day so I popped the battery into its charger and decided to pick it up on Monday.

On Monday, I grabbed the battery out of its charger noticing the happy green light was flashing, indicating the battery should be fully charged.  Imagine my surprise when I placed it into the camera and pressed power.  Nothing happened.  I pressed it again.  Still nothing happened.  Sadly, I am pretty sure the battery has gone to digital camera battery heaven.  I was really happy to discover that Batteries Plus carries the correct battery, but crushed when I discovered it is on backorder until May 11.  Hmm.  That probably won't work for me.  

You may be wondering why I'm obsessed with my camera and its battery right now.  Well, it's because I depend on my camera to get my product out there.  Without a camera, there are no new products on Facebook or  Unfortunately, this is one of the inconvenient realities of owning a small business working out of the home.  It looks like I may be in the market for a new camera soon.  

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